The fastest quick-colors-change animal is the cuttlefish. In a second its whole body can go from almost white to black-or yellow, blue-grey, redish or even strip.


The Gulper Eel

The gulper eel, about 60 centimeters long, is also called the black swallower. Its flexible mouth can swallow an animal twice its size.

(Mickey Mouse)Hector’s dolphin

Hector’s dolphin is sometimes called the Mickey Mouse dolphin, because its dorsal (back) fin is shaped like this famous cartoon character’s ears!

(Smallest land mammal)Pygmy white-toothed shrew

The smallest land mammal is the pygmy white-toothed shrew. Whose head and body is just 4 centimeters long-Its tail is half this length

Tsetse fly

Do you know that the Tsetse fly spreads serious disease of tropical Africa called sleeping sickness? Without treatment, people with sleeping sickness can fall into coma and die.


Some kangaroos live in trees! Tree Kangaroos dwell in forest in Papua New Guinea and northeast Australia and have grasping hand and padded feet.









The coelacanth became famous in 1938, when a specimen was caught off east Africa. Until then scientist had thought this primitive-looking fish had died out 70 million years ago.